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What is the Messianic Afrikan Nation

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The MYD Catechism

1) What does MYD mean?

Messianic Disciples of Yeshua, the Black Revolutionary
Messiah. The Y is always in the middle because Yeshua
is the center of the movement.

2) What is a Messianic Disciple of Yeshua, the Black
Revolutionary Messiah ?

An Afrikan Brother or Sister who follows the teachings
of Yeshua and practices Afrikan Liberation Theology.

3) What is Afrikan Liberation Theology?

The belief that the Original Hebrew Israelites were
Black and the scriptures should be used for the

LIBERATION of Afrikan people.

4) Who is Yeshua ?

Yeshua is the Black Revolutionary Messiah who the
European misnamed “Jesus Christ” . The letter J was
not in the Hebrew/Aramaic alphabet, so his name could

not have been “Jesus”. Yeshua (Hebrew/Aramaic) is

translated to mean “God will save us.”

5) How do you know that Yeshua was Black?

The area in which Yeshua lived was Northeast Africa,
the European misnamed it the “Middle East”. The people
of Africa have dark skin. The blue eyed, blond haired
Jesus Christ is a figment of the imagination of the
European based upon the art of 15th century artists

like Michelangelo who used his family members to
pose as the people of the Bible..

6) Why was the Messiah painted white?

It was done to justify the Afrikan Holocaust /Maafa
(transatlantic slave trade) and the Euro-domination of
the planet.

7) Why do you say that Yeshua was a Revolutionary ?

He was a revolutionary because he fought the (white)
Roman Empire and the religious leaders of his day with

the most powerful weapon on Earth, the TRUTH.

8)How does MYD differ from Eurocentric Christianity.

Christianity was first used as a derogatory term for
the followers of Yeshua. They referred to themselves

as “People of the Way”, Galileans or Nazarenes. Christ
comes from the Greek word “Christos” which means

“anointed.” The Hebrew/Aramaic word for anointed is
mashiah/meshiha. So we use the term “messianic” (of

the anointed one.)

9) Is the MYD the same as Messianic Judaism ?

No, only the term “messianic” is the same. We do not
follow the European interpretation of the scriptures.

10) Does one have to leave the Church to be a MYD?

No, the purpose is a change of mind, not a change of
location. We just view the scriptures from an

Afrocentric point of view.

11) What is the Messianic secret?

The divine REVELATION that Yeshua is the Messiah and
the Son of the Living God as revealed to Peter in

Matthew 16:13- 20

12) What is the duty of a MYD.

The Book of Isaiah 61st Chapter

The MYD FAITH Catechism:

1) What is your religion?
My FAITH is TRUTH. Yeshua taught that he was the WAY,
the TRUTH and the LIFE. So my FAITH is the TRUTH that
leads to a better WAY of LIFE for our people.

2) What scriptures confirm your FAITH.
John 3:19-21
John 4:23
John 14:6
John 14:17
John 15:26-27

3) How old is your FAITH?
The TRUTH has been here since the beginning. Before
there was any religion or any Bible there was TRUTH.
The TRUTH in the scriptures is also referred to as
“the LIGHT,” the WORD” and “a SWORD.” I believe that
this TRUTH was given to the Children of Israel 6000
years ago, revealed through the prophets 3500 years
ago , made manifest in YESHUA 2000 years ago and is
now present in us and around us through the Holy
Even one of the  ” fathers of the church “, St.
Augustine said that “what is now known as
“Christianity” (the correct word is translated as
Messianic in Hebrew/Aramaic) has existed among the
ancients and was not absent from the beginning of the
human race until “Christ” (the Hebrew /Aramaic word is
Messiah) came in flesh from which time the true
religion which already existed began to be called
“Christian” (The Hebrew/Aramaic word is Messianic.)

The Greetings

Hear O’ Israel, the LORD our God is one LORD.
We give honor to the Creator of the Universe
In the name of YESHUA the Messiah
We invoke the Holy Spirit of TRUTH that will make our
people FREE.
I greet you my Brothers and Sisters in the words of
Shalom Aleichem (PEACE be unto you) and the response is
Aleichem Shalom.(Unto you be PEACE)
We also use
All praises to the Creator
All Power to His People
In the name of YESHUA, the Black Revolutionary MESSIAH
I Greet you in the SPIRIT of TRUTH and the words of
Shalom Aleichem

The Benediction
Although we have been victimized, yet we are not
victims. We are a strong Afrikan people and in the
fullness of time, in the Creator’s will, We shall rise
again. As I leave you in PEACE

Shalom Aleichem!

The 7 Point Program

1) We demand that Afrikan people have the FREEDOM to
serve the Most High in SPIRIT and TRUTH.

2) We will work to eradicate all Euro-centric
religious icons from the communities and the minds of
Afrikan people.

3) We demand the right to define our existence as
Afrikan people.

4) We want to establish PEACE and HARMONY among
Afrikan people.

5) We demand an end to the spiritual, mental and
physical genocide of Afrikan people.

6) We demand the end of the social, political and
economic exploitation of the Afrikan community.

7) We will ensure that all Afrikan children are able
to grow to be the strong Afrikan people that the
Creator made them to be.



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